Château Prince Pierre, a new estate to discover in Balagne


A unique natural site in Corsica and wines made with the greatest care, Prince Pierre is shaping up to be a new wine Mecca in Corsica...

At first, there was only a ruined castle, haunted by the ghosts of the Bonapartes. A local historian, caught up in the tumultuous history of Prince Pierre-Napoleon, Napoleon III's cousin, began to unveil this part of the Balagne's history. Little by little, groups of tourists arrived, guided by Olivier Bianconi, and discovered this magical, deserted place, about twenty kilometres south of Calvi, not far from the Argentella beach. Around the castle, the maquis as far as the eye can see. Until the Grisoli brothers, natives of the region, became interested in these lands.

Prince Pierre Castle in Calvi

For three years, Jean-Vincent and Jean-Raphaël Grisoli have been planting vines around the château: 30 hectares, soon to be 35, which surround the ruins and from which the view extends to the first rocks of the Scandola reserve. The first vintage of 2020 honoured the great grape varieties of the island: the vermentinu in mono-variety for the white, and the sciaccarellu for the rosé and the red. Accompanied by a renowned oenologist, the Grisoli brothers have opted for biodynamic farming and maturing in concrete eggs, which allows the wines to be gently aged. The result is convincing: an aromatic white that expresses all the elegance of the vermentinu, a subtle rosé where the sciaccarellu blends easily with the vermentinu, and a fresh, summery red, where the sciaccarellu gives all its sweetness and fruit.

The only "château" in Corsica, Château Prince Pierre is now the southernmost wine estate in the AOC Calvi, the last stop before the vines return to the south of Sagone, at Clos d'Alzeto. Between the two, the Gulf of Porto, the Scandola reserve, the Piana creeks and the magnificent village of Cargèse.

Castle Prince Pierre Calvi Corsica

Armed with courage and perseverance, the Grisoli brothers are finalising the construction of a tasting point on the site. Soon, a cellar integrated into the landscape will complete the estate: on its roof, tastings but also a restaurant will be planned, with a view of the castle, the sea and the Punta Palazzu, the northern border of the Scandola reserve. The life (and the view) of a castle!

Getting there: from Calvi, take the D81B which goes down to Galeria (route de la Revellata). Historical visits of the site are organised by Bianconi Scuperta, contact:

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