We raise a glass to Mum! Julia Palombe in show in Bonifacio

A wind of impertinence and glamour blew in the square courtyard of Bonifacio on June 25th. The artist Julia Palombe, actress, singer, dancer (among others) but also young mother, offered to the public of Bonifacio her last show, the "Post Partum show". An evening of confidences and laughter around the thorny question of the postpartum period . Julia Palombe in show in Bonifacio ".

Amsterdam through canals, beers and wines

Free, surprising, always on the move, the beautiful and green Amsterdam reveals unexpected gastronomic surprises. Do you know Dutch wines? No ?! Then follow your Amsterdam travel guide! Travelling in wine in Amsterdam Discovering the Dutch vineyards at Bob's Expanding your horizons at Benelux Wine Visiting an urban cellar atReadmore " Amsterdam along the canals, beers and wines "